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Fishlake UT

September 14, 2020 adventure 0

Last week was my first time camping this year. It turned out to be much more of an adventure than I planned it to be. I left my apartment around noon and drove the three hours to Mackinaw Campground. The internet made it look amazing. It wasn’t wrong. Beautiful aspens in the mountains surrounding a clear lake on an easy trail reminded me of my Colorado home. It was just what I was looking for. It was great to be out in nature again and out of the city.
However, there were also many things I did not plan for. When I left my place that afternoon, it was about 91° – 95°f. I know it usually gets colder overnight, but I wasn’t expecting the snow and hurricane-force winds that were rolling in. I thought the sleeping pad was in its bag. It was empty. Overall, it was a very uncomfortable night.

There was also smoke from the forest fires on the way out to the lake. They were still smoking on the way home the next day, even after the snow. What a night to finally be out camping. As weird and crazy as that was, I’m already planning my next local trip to the great outdoors. I’ll post pictures of some of these beautiful places.

Fishlake, Richfield, UT
Campsite, Mackinaw Campground


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