About Me

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Hello, I’m Ashley Arias. I currently live in West Jordan, UT, with my dog. When people ask where I’m from, it always feels like a complicated question. I’m from places near airline hub cities. I’ve lived in 6 states and two countries outside of the US and visited many more.

I like to say I’m an open book that happens to have a lot of chapters. I have been an educator since 2012 as an English Foreign Teacher, Substitute Teacher, and Classroom Teacher. I have also worked in the ski resort industry on and off since 2012. My love of education, travel, cooking, outdoors, and the arts are all part of a commitment to lifelong learning, as is my move into digital marketing.

I tend to work hard and stay busy, but I ski, dance, camp, take photos, and paint when I do make time for fun. As I mentioned, I have worked for the ski industry and have skied for several years in addition to education. I didn’t learn until I was in my 30’s. I was terrible at it, and I still get scared out on the slopes. I always keep coming back.

I love being part of the arts. I’ve been an usher for a theatre so I could see the shows. I do social or partner dancing, like blues, balboa, and west coast swing, but I will follow just about anything. I’m also a photographer and painter. I was a part of a local art guild in Colorado, displaying my paintings in the art gallery.

I also like to travel. I grew up traveling. My first flight was San Francisco to New York at just two months old. Abroad or Domestic, alone or with friends, by car, plane, bus, or train, I love going somewhere new to learn, explore, and see something I haven’t seen before.